Squitten Purrmaid

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Along our voyages, we found playful little kittens gliding in the water. After a closer look, we saw tiny suction cups and long slender tentacles. To our surprise, they were squid-kittens. And boy do they love causing mischief in the water.

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Weight 0.64 lbs

Blueberry, Mango, Milk Chocolate Truffle


22 in (H) x 5 in (L) x 3 in (W)
55.88 cm (H) x 12.7 cm (L) x 7.62 cm (W)


Minky Fabric, Delicate Embroidery
Brass Bell, Magnets

1 review for Squitten Purrmaid

After meeting these fine people at Rose City Comic Con 2018, I knew I wouldn’t be a one time customer. I quickly fell in love with these sweet little creatures, and I couldn’t wait to have another. The quality is astounding, and definitely worth the price, not to mention how creative they are with the descriptions and the designs. Not only had I gotten the Squitten, I had also gotten the Orange Tabby, which is also a spectacular choice for a second time through. I would surely invest in something like this, and hopefully will in the future. Keep up the amazing work!

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