Primordial Sphynxalotl

$ 50.00

The Sphynxalotl is the very first amphibious Purrmaid! They can swim in water, or walk on land, which they often do to rest in warm sunlight. Their fluffy pink gills remain their whole lives!

Primordial Sphynxalotl are in tune with their primordial self! They are a fierce Purrmaid, and while they don’t like starting fights, they always make sure to finish them! Even so, they never bully and help any Purrmaid in need.

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Weight 0.62 lbs

15.5 in (L) x 13.5 in (H) x 9 in (W)
39.1 cm (L) x 34.3 cm (H) x 22.9 cm (W)


Charcoal, pepper, wine


Minky Fabric, Delicate Embroidery

3 reviews for Primordial Sphynxalotl

(verified owner)

This is very cute. It is for my daughter’s birthday and she loves it. She is impressed by the details (wrinkles and belly button) and likes the factoids in the tag. Great communication. When it was shipped, it arrived quickly and was packaged well. Thank you *very* much.

(verified owner)

This is so cute! Super soft, super expressive; all around well constructed! Purchased because I’ve a thing for Sphynx’s, and especially having a black Sphynx – they’re super cute together. May need to get the regular one too so I have the pair!!

(verified owner)

I am obsessed with Purrmaids and was so thrilled to find a creator like Kikidoodle who fills that niche love with cute and creative ideas! I adore Sphynx cats so imagine my excitement of finding an aquatic take on such a lovely breed! The design and quality of this plush is FANTASTIC! 1000/10 I will be purchasing my next Purrmaid soon! I have bought this plush alongside it’s pin and got matching stickers as a little extra surprise. Absolute love 💖

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