Orange Tabby Purrmaid

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The Orange Tabby are a Mackerel Purrmaid, and they are as playful as they come. With a clever mind, and a talent for practical jokes, they are the most mischievous of the Purrmaids. But don’t let their ability to cause trouble fool you, they are the most loyal of companions, and no matter how much trouble their friends are in, they will always answer the call for help.

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Weight 0.65 lbs

17 in (H) x 10 in (L) x 6 in (W)
43.2 cm (H) x 25.4 cm (L) x 15.2 cm (W)


Tangerine, Aqua, Lime


Minky Fabric, Delicate Embroidery

2 reviews for Orange Tabby Purrmaid

(verified owner)

The shipping was fast and the plush was flawless. The plush was very well packaged and small enough to fit in my mail box with ease. I really love the colors, bright and vibrant. The fabric is very soft.
The only complaint I have is that the mesh is hard to flatten out from being crunched down into the packaging.

I would definitely recommend that if you are wanting a purrmaid, you should definitely get one. The price is worth the plush.

This sweet tabby cat swam straight to my heart! Her sweet smile and big fins earned her spot on my bed for all the cuddles.

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