Orange Tabby Baby Purr

$ 20.00

The Orange Tabby Baby Purrs are mischievous little rascals. They like to play with their surroundings, and this sometimes gets them in a lot of trouble. Young, brave, and lovable, all Orange Tabbies have a heart of gold. When those in trouble are in need, they band together to make the most of their talents. In the waters, they’re the babies other Purrmaids keep an eye on, because if something ever goes wrong, the Orange Tabbies are usually there.

In stock

Weight 0.11 lbs

6 in (L) x 3 in (H)
15.24 cm (L) x 7.64 cm (H)


Goldenrod, Orange, lime


Minky Fabric, Delicate Embroidery


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