Molten Toygershark (Limited Edition of 500)

$ 60.00

Limited Edition of 500

The Molten Toygershark are happiest in very WARM and HOT environments! They can be found around underwater thermal vents or the coastlines of volcanic islands. These Purrmaids can be quite secretive, but are very loyal and trustworthy friends.

Their stripes react to heat, so you can spot a Molten Toygershark in the depths by the faint glow around their markings.

This is a glow in the dark plush! The embroidery around the spots, claws and ears reacts to UV light and will glow!

Only 500 of these plush will ever be made, and every single Molten Toygershark has a numbered tag! When they are sold out, they’ll be gone forever!

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Weight 0.84 lbs

19 in (L) x 10.5 in (H) x 12.5 in (W)
48.3 cm (L) x 26.7 cm (H) x 31.8 cm (W)


Charcoal, magma, flame, coral


Minky Fabric, Delicate Embroidery

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(verified owner)

It is absolutely gorgeous in person! You will not be disappointed! Love the color. Much better irl! Thank you! Great quality plush. 🙂

I’m too late ! I am so sad I hope these return one day. These are so beautifully stunning! The talent that goes into this is so unique and brilliant absolutely brilliant! Love love all of them

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