Mist Toygershark (Limited Edition of 500)

$ 60.00

Limited Edition of 500

The Mist Toygershark comes from the snowborne arctic regions. They love to swim in frosty waters and are often friends with leopard seals and walrus!

It’s said that if you become lost in far off seas, a Mist Toygershark may come to your rescue.

Only 500 of these plush will ever be made.

In stock

Weight 0.84 lbs

19 in (L) x 10.5 in (H) x 12.5 in (W)
48.3 cm (L) x 26.7 cm (H) x 31.8 cm (W)


lavender, mist, graphite, flamingo


Minky Fabric, Delicate Embroidery

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(verified owner)

Beautiful irl! I got this as a surprise for my sister. It looks like her kitty. Thank you! 🙂

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