Luck Toygershark (Limited Edition of 500)

$ 60.00

They are part tiger, part toyger cat, and part shark. The Luck Toygershark is a rare Toygershark indeed! Luck Toygersharks are known for always being at the right place at the right time! It’s said that if you become best friends with a Luck Toygershark you will always find yourself brimming with fortune.

Only 500 of these plush will ever be made, and every single Luck Toygershark has a numbered tag!

Weight 0.9 lbs

2 reviews for Luck Toygershark (Limited Edition of 500)

These plush are so well designed and detailed with cute and vibrant colors! I love my toyger sharks ❤️

bought this sweet shark at SDCC 2019, good quality, amazing feel, well balanced color, and super cute. I hope to get more purrmaids in the future!

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