Dimensional Toygershark (Limited edition of 500)

$ 60.00

They are part tiger, part toyger cat, and part shark.
The Dimensional Toygershark is a rare Toygershark indeed! They say they came from a far away ocean where everything is brightly colored, and where their bright markings helped them blend in. A single pod was sucked into a whirlpool and wound up in our ocean, looking for new friends!
Only 500 of these plush will ever be made, and every single Dimensional Toygershark has a numbered tag!

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Weight 0.95 lbs

17 in (L) x 10 in (H) x 6 in (W)
43.2 cm (L) x 25.4 cm (H) x 15.2 cm (W)


Midnight, teal


Minky Fabric, Delicate Embroidery

3 reviews for Dimensional Toygershark (Limited edition of 500)

(verified owner)

I just got this cutie in the mail a few days ago and I utterly love him! The detail on this plush is just amazing and is filled with character, the only negative I could say about him is that some of the felt on the tip of his first dorsal fin started to detach, but only a small section of it and the rest of it looks to be stable. Regardless of this error ( it most likely was a fluke in production) I’m very happy with this plush and highly recommend getting one of your own while they’re still available 🙂

Hi Katherine! This was definitely a fluke in production! Shooting you an email, as you are very welcome to exchange it for an entirely uninjured Purrmaid, otherwise I’d like to partially refund you for the trouble!!!

I got mine from the kickstarter, and holy goodness! It it so cute! My sister has a original Toygershark and they look so cute together. The plush is super high quality and the bow on the back of the neck is sewn on very well. The tag has the number of the Toygershark, which makes it really special. I highly recommend getting one while they’re still in stock!

If there was a ten star option I would give that one, every single purrmaid plush is amazing!!!! I have all three toygersharks, dimensional, lucky, and original, and they are so we’ll crafted that I will be definitely buying more purrmaids as soon as I can.
I bought mine all in person at Rosecity comic Con 2019, and I loved them so much I went back three times to buy more merch. The pins made by kikidoodle are super cute as well. Ten stars, and I am definitely going to recommend these plush and pins to all my friends.

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