Bombangler Purrmaid

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We found them in the deepest darkest oceans. Bombanglers are part bombay cat and part angler fish. They use their glowing eyes to help see in the dark, and their lures as a nightlight. As scary as they may look, they have a kind heart, helping other Purrmaids find their way through the treacherous oceans using their bright little lures to guide the way!

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Chocolate, Lemon, Strawberry, Fluffy Vanilla Frosting on Top


10 in (H) x 13 in (L) x 12 in (W)
25.4 cm (H) x 33.02 cm (L) x 30.48 cm (W)


Minky Fabric, Delicate Embroidery
Metal Internal Wire (for Lure), Cardboard (for Jawline)

2 reviews for Bombangler Purrmaid

Such great quality, adorable and the eyes glow in the dark!!

Still one of my favorite stuffed animals! Love his mouth shape he will hold things for you! And glowing eyes?! Didn’t even know I needed that!

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