Black Baby Purr

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The Black Baby Purrs are naturally curious for their age. They love to roam around and find as many nooks and crannies for hiding spots to play their little games. Together, they love to learn new things from other Purrmaids, and discover new foods to feast on. We’ve been told, many stories about these Black Baby Purrs. Some were found hiding in Cookie Jars munching on Cookies. Others were found stealing tuna or cheddar from freshly made sandwiches. Make no mistake, they love to eat. You have been warned.

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Weight 0.11 lbs

6 in (L) x 3 in (H)
15.24 cm (L) x 7.64 cm (H)


Charcoal, strawberry, lime


Minky Fabric, Delicate Embroidery

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(verified owner)

Arrived as ordered! Very pleased! The order came when it was expected, there were no hiccups, and they even added a small smiley face to the bag per my request! The baby purr itself is very soft, about the size of my hand and very cute with no noticeable damage or defects if any! The small embroidered paw pads come as depicted and are very small and cute, the bow on the back of its neck is very soft, and while i hadn’t noticed this detail when i was ordering it, the tail seems to have little beads of some sort inside! Not a bad detail! (the body is mostly plush and only the tail has this texture inside). I ordered this baby purr specifically as a nod to my small black cat and it was very cute to compare the two! Overall very cute and of professional quality and i look forward to hopefully getting more in the future!

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