Baby Purrfer Fish (Limited Edition of 1000)

$ 20.00

Limited Edition of 1000

The Baby Purrfer fish Purrmaid is definitely feisty! Despite their small size, they will start fights with fish up to 80 times their size and weight, and still WIN!

When intimidated, they’ll airplane their ears and puff up their body, revealing hidden spines and claws!

Baby Purrfer fish will often only have a single person they love the most. Will it be you?

Only 1000 of these plush will ever be made.

In stock

Weight .1 lbs

4.5 in (L) x 3.5 in (H) x 4 in (W)
19.1 cm (L) x 11.4 cm (H) x 10.2 cm (W)


Sand, peach, pepper, lemon


Minky Fabric, Delicate Embroidery


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